Celebrate Spring Fever

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Celebrate Spring Fever with us! Its been a long dreary winter- we need some sun and fun colors!

Limited quantity

Kit will include: 31 individually wrapped packs of fiber and fibery goodness related items and treats. Each pack will have a number on it so you will know the order to open one for each day. Each pack will include a fiber that can be used for spinning and/ or adding into art batts etc..

Minimum of 1 oz each pack but most will be over an oz.

Shipping not included. Order now for fast delivery and tracking number.

Quantity of 50 total, Will add as available after the first 50 are gone. No raw or dirty fleece, only clean fibers of all types and treats will be included.

Also if you need to have your kit for a felter, just ask, we can make sure it's all feltable wool.

Finally gift ideas for a fibery person that they will actually use and love- and you get all the credit

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