Happy Fall!

I have not updated on the blog, I’m sorry, it’s been a crazy year. Our last show was in Sept of 2019 and I was diagnosed with breast cancer, so we’ve been going thru treatment, and with the Covid-19 – I literally go no where. My house is safe and comfy and I have the best nurse in the world (my husband, Jim)

Anyhoo, I have kept up with orders and dyeing . It’s nice to have a normalicy again.

Our grandkids live in Ohio and we are in Wisconsin so we are doing as much face time as we can, they don’t always want to talk to MIMI ! they are 2 and 5 yrs old.

New colorways to add to our Door county series is Fish Creek. I have it dyed up in Zig Zag and Tippy Toes and Roving. Will do some Michigan as soon as I can use my arms again, just had reconstructive surgery. The Door County series is special to me because we have spent alot of time up there in all the seasons, and the towns, it’s just so much to do and see. I love the colors, I think you will too.

I do have some Rick Rack left, just not a ton, so if you want to order some, call me and I can tell you what I have in stock. Our supplier for it is gone, so we have made the decision to continue with Zig Zag which is very close, just a touch heavier. Still a nice sheen and wonderful hand, for weaving and knitting , and crochet.

I also have some show stock available in Sweet Feet which is a wool and silk binder, wonderful hand to it, and I can do a sweater size small with two skeins. The yarn is also great for mittens, hats and scarves.

I’m, hoping everything will get back to normal soon, I miss seeing you all at the shows and festivals. You inspire me!

Stay safe and Well!
-Tracey and Jim

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