Black Friday Sale!!!

We are having a Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday sale!!! From Friday November 25-Monday November 28 EVERYTHING on our Website will be 20 percent off!!

I have dyed up some Special Christmas Colorways for this event…..

Christmas at Grandma’s—–inspired by old fashioned Christmases…Family gathered together, gifts, piles of torn paper, our favorite treats and laughter around the tree!

& Welcome to Whoville— inspired by Christmases past with the whole family gathered around the TV waiting to watch Mr. Grinch learn that Christmas doesn’t come from a store, but that maybe Christmas means a little bit more!

We also have a handful or our Merry Cluckmas Advent Countdown Calendars left that will be a part of the special 20 % off pricing! If you are looking for one for yourself or a gift, be sure to shop early!!!

Our Mr. Grinch Scarf Kits will also make an appearance at our sale!!! These Grinchy Scarf kits are available with a Knit or Tunisian Crochet Pattern and all the yarn needed to make your own Grinchy Scarf this Christmas season!!!

All of the Above Mentioned Items are listed on our Website under Store and then under the BLACK FRIDAY EVENT tab! Everything else in the store, including our popular Zig Zag yarn, Wool yarns and Rovings will all be available for the discount Friday-Monday! Happy Shopping Friends!


Interlacements Has Moved…

Hi Everyone,

I’d like to take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Keli Potter and I am the new owner of Interlacements Yarns. My husband, Brian, and I live on a small farm in Northeast Wisconsin. We have 3 teenage children and raise sheep, horses, chickens, a trusted farm dog and a few cuddly cats.

I learned to crochet a number of years ago after finding a picture of a blanket on Pinterest that I had to have. One thing quickly lead to another and I have fallen deep into the fiber arts rabbit hole!!! I have come to love yarn and wool from on the animal to knitted up into something pretty for me to wear (and pretty much everything in between!)

Tracey and I have been working closely together for some time to ensure this transition is as seamless as possible. I look forward to carrying on with the beautiful, vibrant colorways and excellent customer service that Interlacements is known for, as well as adding in some of my own twists, ideas and personality.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to take over Interlacements! It is hard to imagine that yarn, color, and fiber shows are actually going to be my job!!! I love meeting new people and can’t wait to get to know all of you!! I am excited to work with you and help you create beautiful projects! Please, feel free to reach out and introduce yourself or ask any questions you might have. You can contact me by phone or text at 920-672-8203 or email me at

Ready for a new season?

This is a top down , knit in the round  easy sweater that is knit with our Sweet Treat yarn. We are only offering for a short time as we have limited amounts of this beautiful yarn. It is a merino wool with a silk binder. Each skein is approx. 420 yrds so three skeins will make a Medium to Large size.

The other new item we have is Falkland Island Merino and Superwash Merino with Tencel for spinners.  We are offering it in our standard colorways and semi solids at a 8 oz braid. This is not a yarn, it is a roving that you spin with to make a yarn.

See you soon!

Another year at it’s end.. wow! where does it go?

I can’t believe how fast the time flies.  We have a new granddaughter Briar Leigh , born this year, and our little guy is now 3 years. Geez it goes so fast.  Jim has retired and is my full time partner at the shows and driver for all events (yeah!!!)

For the business we’ve updated our yarns to more colors and a few less types.  I really like the versatility of the rayon we have in our Rick Rack and our Zig Zag yarn.  I use it for weaving, knitting, Tunisian crochet, crochet and artistic quilts.  We are offering a few Merino wools yet too, as I happen to like to knit with superwash Merino wool. The Toasty toes yarn will continue, as will Michigan and Tippy toes.  I am still dyeing up the roving braids for spinners too, currently I have a bump of Merino and Tencel also Faulkland ,  that I’m dyeing up in 8 oz braids.

Beaded Scarf kits seem to be on the fast lane again. I have brought in a line of beads that are pre-strung again, for ease. We will be putting up a tutorial as soon as the girls get it to me. The beads will be in a 6 string or 12 string choice of colors to match our Tippy toes yarn.

I’d love to see what you are all working on , with our yarn , so keep sending me pictures!  Happy Holidays and a very happy New Year!

Jim and Tracey Schuh – owners of Interlacements Yarns

All Fiber Arts Retreat Door County 2018



Yay!  It’s coming up fast!  Here are the classes we are offering

12:30-2:30 Saturday Sheryl Thies Slip some Texture and Color Achieve dramatic texture and fascinating color patterns by slipping stitches while working with only one color of yarn at a time. If you know how to knit and purl, you are ready to slip some color into your knitting.   Discovery Slip Stitch Cowl pattern provided. Materials: 2 skeins of sport weight yarn, each skein a different color. Look for high contrast colors, and size 6 knitting needle set or circular. Discovery Slip Stitch Cowl Pattern was designed using 2 skeins or Toasty Toes by Interlacements. If substituting yarn bring needles appropriate for your yarn choice.
12:30-2:30 Saturday Tracey Schuh Warping and Weaving on your Rigid Heddle loom Students will learn how to warp up and weave on the Rigid Heddle Loom, I will demonstrate on a cricket loom from Schacht. We use a direct warping method and will be setting you up to weave a scarf. Students should bring: a working Rigid Heddle loom , I will also have a few set up depending on the number of students we have. Susan’s fiber shop has looms for sale also.   Class cost is $30 per student and we will also give you time to finish the project if you run out of class room time. . The finished project will be a scarf that is 7 inches by 60 inches long . Yarns used will be my Zig Zag yarn in a variety or colors
2:30-4:30 Saturday Danny Criswell Spinning Wool- an Introduction Students willl learn bastic techniques such as park and draft, different methods of drafting, parts of their wheels and how their wheels work.   Students will learn h ow to adjust their wheels for their needs and how to add twist to fibersto make it yarn.   I will show students how to take yarn off their bobbins and count their yardage as well as a brief introduction to plying. This class will give students the fundimental ground to grow as spinners. Class cost is $70 per student and each student will receieve a drop spindle to help with the drafting. Students must bring a wokring wheel with at least two bobbins, although three or four is better. Also bring at least 4 oz of fiber. Recommended fibers: Corriedale, Bfl, Merino, Rambouillet, cheviot or Shetland. waste yarn and niddy noddy recommended. Class size 3 max 6
9:00-11:00 A.M. Sunday Sheryl Thies Get Hooked on Tunisian Crochet and Make Scarves Learn the technique that has captured the attention of the knitting world. Even if you’ve never knitted or crocheted (although knowing how to make a slip knot and chain is helpful) you can lear. Tunisian crochet and create a complex looking fabric that appears almmost woven.   Easy to learn, quick to wrok up, tunisian crochet will take your creativity to new heights. But beware you just might get hooked! After learning the Tunisian simple stitch (TSS) play with color and design your own scarves.   Basic ‘recipes’ for rectangle and triangle shaped scarves, worked in various yarn weights will be covered.   Bring: a Size L/11 (8mm) Tunisian crochet hook (avail in class and three partial skeinsof smooth worsted weight yarn. each a different color.
9:00-11:00 A.M. Sunday Danny Criswell Spinning with locks: short and long Students will learn how to spin locks from lockspun to tailsplun. I will show you methods for spinning locks with and without a core as well as spinning them into a yarn that is not entirely locks. Students will make a sample yarn with the different methods learned and we will also talk about how to finish the yarns and different items that can be made with them. This is an Advanced class. Class $60 Students must bring: a working Spinning wheel with a bulky flyer and bobbin. At least two bulky bobbins but 3 or 4 recommended. At least 4 oz or curly locks ie: mohair , wensleydale, Teeswater, BFL Masham or any other curly wool . At least 1 oz of long locks with a maximum length of 7 inch or 8 is optimal.   Note any fleece can be locks pun, curly is just is you want curls sticking out. You can also bring a mix of curly and non curly. Wool should be lcean and dry, dyed or natural. A cone of strong slightly sticky yarn for use as   a core. Recommended items: niddy noddy, waste yarn, art batts or smooth batts, angelina or additional add ins.
11:00-2:00 Sunday Melissa Bohrtz Creative Fiber Blending Get creative in fiber preparation and artisically blend fibers to create textured yarns with Melissa of Hello Purl. In this class you will discover how to blend fibers into batts, rolags, and pulled rovings.   Learn how to use a drum carder, blending board, and hackle to prepare a variety of fibers including natural and synthetic. With the use of the equipment and fibers you will learn how to layer and blend fibers as well as add texture to batts rolagsand pulled rovings to help create textured art yarns. We will also discuss your creative wishes as a fiber artist so that you can create a specific blended effect you may desire in your work.   Please bring any fibers you wish to blendwith. as well as any blending equipment you may have if you want to sue your own.   There will be all of the tools needed for class but students will need to share in class. Minimum students 3 Maximum 10 Cost is $35 class fee and $25 Materials fee. Materials fee includes: Use of fibers in class including combed top, loose fibers and a variety of add ins. Students will work with 1-2 oz at a time and can make 2 batts, 2 sets of rolags and 2 pulled rovings. No experience necessary.
2:00-4:00 Sunday Danny Criswell Fractual Spinning Students will learn how to spin theirwool tops for either two or three ply yarns and how to spin them in a method that will give them long and short color runs that will make for a semi striped yarn.   This is a great method to use on those wool tips and rovings that you bought because you love the colors but have no idea how to ply from seperate bobbins.Class is an advanced class, Minimum of 3 students Max of 8. Class Price is $50 Students must bring: a working spinning wheel and lazy kate with at least 3 bobbins for 2 ply yarn and 4 bobbins for a 3 ply yarn. 4 oz or more of dyed wool top or roving wool blends are okay too. (ex: wool and silk) Recommended items are: niddy noddy, waste yarn, a small basket or bag to put stipped fiber in.


Spring? Really? I hope so…

Spring? Let’s hope so!

Hey everyone! The calendar says it’s spring, but here in northern Wisconsin, I think we are super delayed. The drying racks have been outside to dry, but it sure seems wierd to see them with snow banks in the back ground.

We have added a couple of shows to our calendar for this year and will keep updating as things come up. I’m also working on organizing a show in up in Door County at the wonderful Rowley’s Bay Resort for October 5-7 2018. See our Facebook group for new information on classes, vendors and more!

Jim is now retired and has been a huge help on the road and at shows. We have been reorganizing the shipping and receiving rooms and making some real headway.

On a personal note, I’ve been knitting sweaters our of my handspun yarns. I spin alot , so needed to find a pattern to fit my needs. I did find one on Ravelry, but had to rework it to my own liking. I will have the pictures up on the gallery soon.

I’ve been dying up fiber for spinning also, I bought a big bump of BFL and love the way it dyes up. Fiber available in 8 oz braids.

New yarns : Bolero and a 100% silk that is still unnamed. I will post information as soon as I get it ready.

Take Care and Keep on Creating!   Tracey and Jim Schuh Interlacements Yarns

We had some crazy summer, huh?

Hi everyone! We had some crazy summer, huh?

Montana colorway created for my yoga and yarn retreat

I have to say I am glad it’s not so hot and humid now. When it’s 90 degrees outside it’s unbelievably unbearable in my dye studio. Our new website is up and running and shows you a couple new yarn/items. We have added Hand dyed combed top in Falkland Island Polwarth and a Superwash Merino. Both spin wonderfully and dye vibrant colors. Our roving is available in all of our standard colorways and semi solids just like the yarns.

I’m headed to Boulder HotSprings Montana for a yoga and yarn spinning retreat with Kate Larson teaching! Pretty excited for that adventure you can imagine. I have been making socks again on my antique sock machine, and love the way it cranks out the new Toasty Toes yarn and Tippy Toes yarn.

We also have a few changes coming up this next year, with the biggest one being that Jim will be retiring and joining me in the business more. We would love to add a few shows
Or festivals, and add some trunk shows , with me teaching a few more classes again. Our shops will be able to order on the website now, just email me for your access code.

Happy fall y’all!   Tracey